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Achtung! Attention!
Manfred's new album
"Home at Last" is now available! See Discography for details.

Who: Manfred

Born: Germany - US Citizen since 1979

Playing Experience: over 40 years

Training: Classical Piano in Germany Jazz in U.S. under Bernard Peiffer, Synthesis in U.S.

Latest Project: Completion of 'Home at Last'. 20 years creating the Pipe Dream Center, a Performance, Studio and Teaching Facility housed in an 100 year old school house in North Western Wisconsin. More about the PDC later, but so far over 800 live shows here.

MORE about 'Home at Last'

Six years in the making. While writing and recording, also learning multitracking. It is in the fashion of Vangelis, one of my heros, and his melodic influences. It is also like it was with 'EOS' a project I had to get out of my system. The album itself is a concept album all about Home. Look up the newspaper article under Interviews (Osceola Sun, by Buz Swerkstrom) Also look up liner notes under Discography .

My motto for "Home" is:

"Calling all aviators, Navigators, Orbiters and Travelers alike, If your destination WAS, IS or WILL BE HOME, this album is a MUST for you!"

I am also running an ad right now that states:

Attention! Achtung!
Music Lovers, Associations, Organizations, Societies, Educators, Library Groups, Foundations and Institutions, Regional musician and composer Manfred Schonauer is available for lectures on his new CD

"Home at Last."
All original instrumental keyboard compositions.
Contact: Manfred by email at pipedrm@chibardun.net

For the future, my attention will be more focused in the 'Berlin School' style of music a la Klaus Schulze, TD etc. This style is a real passion of mine and I could go on for hours about this.

MORE '...about EOS',

The CD contains 10 original instrumental piano compositions which are very melodic because it is preceisly that - the melody - that I missed out of most New Age music. Clearly the influences of Vangelis, Jarre and of course good old Beethoven can be detected. In the liner notes I explain the 'whys and hows' about every composition, for example, the last composition 'Gaias Dream' is a dedication to Brian Eno's Ambient Music, and so on.

The state of independence is very dear to me, hence the Pipe Dream Center. 20 years ago we decided as some other artists here in this area to leave the concrete jungles behind and move out to the country and still find an
audience for your craft there.

We have a regular concert season every year running from May through December, which features mainly original works, like cuts from '...about EOS', or nothing but flutes, keyboard works together with modern dancers, poets etc.

For plain fun we have a thing here called 'boogie nights', where I play and sing 50's, 60's stuff, reggea, jazz, boogie, blues, have guest musicians sitting in and draw an audience from a 50 to 100 mile radius. The PDC is the happening thing in N.W.Wisconsin. Plus I teach music privatly during the day, play friday nights in a local restaurant and play for any occassion that comes my way. Enough for today, E-mail me for more info, Tschuss, Thank you, Manfred.
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